KURU story

Four architects, four former classmates embarked on their architectural journey independently, yet various projects repeatedly united us. Thus, the idea to join forces and proceed towards a common goal was born. The idea quickly materialised, as each of us had something to offer from various architectural aspects – from creativity to technicality, from private houses to public buildings..

KURU mission

Our mission is to offer high-quality architecture and take building designs to the next level. We achieve this through technical competence – BIM design enables coordination among different designers, prevents mistakes, and accelerates the design process. We are able to work through more proposals in the same amount of time and pick the best solution from among them.

Tristen Vardja

Arhitekt " Good architecture is born from a strong team, environment and task setting. Great architecture is born after a second cup of coffee "

Karl-Johan Jakobson

Arhitekt " The best ideas are born when you do not think about them "

Rahi Herm Lokotar

Arhitekt / BIM spetsialist " The result can be always achieved, the question is how "

Mihkel Ross