Architectural design

The KURU team values a personal approach to each client and building. All our projects are based on BIM design principles.

We offer complete solutions from architectural draft plans to building design documentation and designer’s supervision. Our portfolio includes detached houses, apartment buildings, as well as office, public and industrial buildings.

BIM design

BIM design makes use of the capabilities of modern information technology. An information model of the building is created before construction, ensuring smooth cooperation between the project manager, builders, and the estimator.

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Energy-efficient buildings help owners save on building management costs and improve the quality of life of residents. Our renovation projects are in line with current energy efficiency requirements and European Union directives.

Detailed spatial plans

The purpose of a detailed spatial plan is to implement a comprehensive plan and provide a term of reference for the preparation of building design documentation.

When preparing the detailed spatial plan, we draw up necessary documentation and carry out site investigations. We involve the local government, residents, network operators and other relevant, competent experts in this process.

Modification projects and surveying

Amendments to building design documentation are necessary if the design documentation has been modified during construction or if the existing building does not correspond to the data in the register of construction works. We will help with coordinating new building and occupancy permits with the local government, where necessary.

We offer point cloud surveying for existing buildings. We use architectural software to create a 3D model of a building based on its point cloud, which the architect can use for further designs. Our architect-to-architect models meet all professional requirements and make further design processes as smooth as possible.

Design project management

As chief designers, we offer a so-called turnkey design solution. Our design process includes structural engineers, water and sewerage designers, heating and ventilation designers, interior architects and electrical designers. This allows us to better ensure cooperation between all parties involved in the project and to meet deadlines.

3D visualisation

3D visualisation allows us to create a clear image of the planned building or environment. This makes them useful for finding the best architectural solution or when selling new developments. We offer 3D exterior and interior images, 3D floor plans and sections, as well as animations.